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Top Rated CD & Tape Cassette

Fabulous Tales on Tape Starring the Tooth Fairy!

A Great Surprise Under the Pillow!

Tooth Fairy Tales has been featured in the following fine publications:
Baltimore's Child * Central Florida Family * Washington Families
Tidewater Parent * Cincinnati All About Kids * Houston Our Kids
Tooth Fairy Tabloid * Dental Products Report * Dentistry Today

"The children love your tape. I teach kindergarten
and a lot of children are losing their teeth. They look forward
to listening to the Tooth Fairy Tales during naptime."
Stacy Abbott, St. Paul's Plus, Baltimore, Maryland

"My daughter is 6 and just loves the stories.
She insisted on listening to the entire tape the day she got it!"
Robin Lucas, White Hall, Maryland

"My son is just learning that brushing his teeth is not so terrible.
The tape helped a lot."
Angie Dotson, Jasper, Tennessee

"Your tape was so exciting and really did explain
the losing of the tooth to my 6-year old daughter...
I surfed the Internet to try to find something
that would explain how come your teeth fall out and where they go
when the tooth fairy takes them. Your tape was perfect for this!
I am so glad that you advertised on the Internet!
I also let my daughter take her new tape to her kindergarten class
on tooth week and the teacher said the class enjoyed it.
Thanks again."
Katrina Silveira, Massachussetts

"We used Tooth Fairy Tales for our annual Community Health Expo. Our kindergarten class ran the dental health booth, and we played the cassette as the guests enjoyed the activities. Several children stood by the tape player, following the adventures of Tusk, et al. I played the tape for my class again the next day, and they listened in rapt attention.
We love it! Thank you!"
Joanna Powers, Allentown, Pennsylvania

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